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Zero accidents

Expeditions and adventure travels offer not only a memorable experience but also pose potential dangers. Yet again, it is perhaps precisely this moment of danger which makes us long for adventure in today’s over-regulated world. Infinity Expeditions attaches great importance to the highest possible safety and security on expeditions and trips. We try our best to minimize the risks that high-altitude mountaineering and traveling in politically unstable developing countries may pose. Our extensive experience in the organization of expeditions helps us identify the key risk factors, assess them properly, and adapt our risk management accordingly. Our tours are accompanied by experienced expedition leaders, who carefully consider problematic situations, are able to size up the participants in such situations, and make the right decisions. This is one of the best safety factors. Because high-risk situations are anticipated and avoided from the onset, and decisions are made with foresight in order to provide ultimate safety. We are proud of our zero accidents-statistic.

We offer the highest possible safety standards and have a zero accidents statistic. That is why we are constantly and continuously evaluating and improving these standards. Because we want to be ranked first for safety and quality, rather than price:

  • Our expeditions and trips are organized solely by us. We are not intermediaries! Therein lies the basic foundation of your safety and security when travelling with us. As tour operators, we are subject to strict liability and insolvency laws, as well as client’s money insurance, as per the EU Package Travel Directive.
  • State-certified mountain guides (IFMGA / AMGA) for our guided expeditions and ski trips.
  • Experienced, highly-trained and well-coordinated Nepalese Sherpa team.
  • For our guided Mount Everest expeditions, we offer our climbers more oxygen, more Sherpa support and a smaller group per guide than any other tour operator. Because it is exactly these three factors that significantly increase the safety and success rate.
  • On our eight-thousander expeditions we use only the best and tested equipment. In particular, this includes the high camp equipment and vitally important tents as well as the most modern, lightweight and reliable oxygen system and state-of-the-art medical equipment. Unlike other operators, we use a more expensive but also more modern and more reliable European oxygen system brand with our exclusive 8L/min flow regulators.
  • Despite associated high costs and the complicated approval process, we always have our Nepalese Sherpas on the team in our expeditions in Tibet. They are usually better educated, more experienced and often speak better English.
  • Also in our expeditions in Pakistan, our Nepalese Sherpas are there to complement and support the Pakistani porters, for the reasons mentioned above.
  • On our Everest expeditions we always have an experienced expedition doctor in the team.