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Infinity Expeditions strongly recommends that all participants take out travel insurance. This saves lot of trouble and can possibly spare you from a full-blown life-time financial burden. It is a lot to consider and you will need to decide between participating in an expedition or different type of travel.

Rescue costs on expeditions

Expeditions over 6000m require additional coverage for rescue and retrieval costs. These can very easily consume tens of thousands of euros due to the deployment of suitable helicopters and personnel. Under certain conditions, helicopters today have already been able to successfully carry out rescues at an altitude of almost 7000m.

Currently, the best provider for such risk coverage is Global Rescue, with whom we have entered into a partnership for the benefit of our participants. We strongly recommend taking advantage of this partnership, especially to participants in eight-thousander and seven-thausander expeditions. This company is also specialized in rescue and retrieval following Alpine accidents in the Himalayas and Karakoram, as the most efficient supplier in this field. Global Rescue is not insurance, but rather a membership. In an emergency, Global Rescue must be informed so that it can take charge of the entire organization and execution of the rescue and retrieval procedure up to an amount of $ 500,000. No matter where in the world the accident happens.

In order to participate in Infinity Expeditions, you must either have insurance coverage which encompasses rescue and retrieval costs that are valid for the altitude that the expedition will reach, or you can purchase a Global Rescue membership here.

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