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100% Success.
You are used to nothing but success. And we want it to stay that way even on the highest summits of our planet. To achieve this, we invest in the very latest scientific, medical and technological developments of our time, revolutionizing high-altitude mountaineering and setting new standards. For your safety and most of all for your success. This is our guarantee as the most successful operator on Everest.


Science of Success

Next expeditions

  • Everest Flash

    Time is a valuable commodity. By climbing Mount Everest in just 3 weeks we are fundamentally changing the way high-mountaineering expeditions are run. With increased safety and chance of success.

    € 109,900

  • COVID19 safety protocol

    More info on our COVID19 safety protocols via "Similar Trips". Despite the pandemic we're dedicated to keep our safety level as high as possible.

    € 16.490

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